Hi Folks,

I don’t know if this has been addressed before but you need to
’dress’ your quartz crucibles(Wesgo, Ney, etc.) before you use
them. You can do this by placing them on two pieces of fire
brick so that the ‘spout’ is pointed down at a 45 degree or so
angle. Heat the interior of the crucible to a bright cherry
red. Apply a liberal amount of borax flux and continue to heat
’til it gets white hot. Pay extra attention to the throat and
the opening where the metal leaves the crucible. When you’re
done you have a glass interior to the crucible that little, if
anything, will adhere to.

This is one of those little tips that sometimes fall through the
cracks. I am still using crucibles that I have dressed in this
manner 12 years ago. If anyone needs further explanation please
E-mail me off line.



Skip Meister
N.R.A. Endowment &
Certified Instructor
in all disciplines
Certified Illinois D.N.R.
Hunter Ed, Instructor

True enough for gold and silver, Skip. Applies as well to the
cheaper clay type crucibles as well as the quartz ones. But your
quartz crucibles used for platinum casting should not be dressed
with borax or boric acid. These can contaminate the platinum.

Peter Rowe