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Cross pendant gem protocol

Hi All,

I want to make a cross for a good and she is Catholic. Is there a
protocol as to which gem color is appropreite?

She asked for a stylistic cross. What is stylistic?

Thank you al that help,
Ken Moore


Speak with her priest and get instructions. There are multiple
catholic crosses such as Celtic, Byzantine, Tau cross created by St.
Francis, etc.

Find out if she wants traditional or modern. Visit a local monastery
and have a conversation. Talk with a Jesuit school teacher. What a
great project!

Good luck, Mary A

Purple are usually for Bishops…

Stylized could be about anything that was not the regular cross.
males forming the cross, curved pieces forming it. Contemporary
styling is what I wouldlook at with her.

The most traditional symbolic gem arrangement on a cross is five red
stones, for the five wounds of Christ. One stone in the center is

Amethyst is used for a bishop’s cross because purple is the color of
royalty and bishops are “princes of the church”. You can use any
stones you want to really. It is not one of those things where there
is a strict protocol.

My mom had mentioned multiple times over the years that she would
love to someday have a cross with the symbols of the Four
Evangelists: an angel, a winged lion, a winged bull, and an eagle.
Well, I decided I was going to win the ‘Best Offspring Award’ for
Christmas, so I made myself blind by making a cross out of gold PMC
and carving those darn four little critters into it. And I put a.50
ct ruby in the center. My fingers were cramped for days and I swear I
still don’t see right. But it made my mom cry with joy, and even if I
didn’t win ‘Best Offspring,’ I did get some points.

I’m not sure what the ‘protocol’ is, but I know my mom likes it, and
so does her preacher.

The attached is a picture of a cross I made for an aunt and her
favorite color is green, so I put a Peridot on it for her. She loves
it. I have cast some new Catawba seed pods to the cross for my
friend. Thank you everyone for your Ken

Ken Moore

I made myself blind by making a cross out of gold PMC and carving
those darn four little critters into it. 

Would sure love to see a photo of your Mom’s cross. Could you post
one on the list? Linda in central FL


How can I share files and pictures with the list?

Or… send the files to the attention of and
we will upload them for you…


Unfortunately I was in too much of a hurry to take good pictures of
it before I went to my parents for Christmas, so I had to take quick
pics of it on my parents dining room table with a cell phone camera.

The result was that the only creature that really came out in any of
my pictures was the winged bull. But you can get the basic idea from
the pics, so I’ll try to upload one.

I don’t think you need to go to the trouble of asking her priest.
You can just Google “catholic gifts” - many Catholic websites sell

I also wouldn’t worry too much about Evangelical vs Pentecostal and
so on.

Unless she’s from South America where a form of Evangelical
Catholicism is strong and growing, those distinctions aren’t used
among American Catholics, as far as I know.

I would interpret her request for ‘stylistic’ as not too ordinary,
something unique or abstract. Perhaps she just meant ‘not a

Lorraine (recovering Catholic)

Here’s a photo of one I did some years ago. It was well worn before
I photographed it.

Gary Wooding uploaded this image to

Regards, Gary Wooding