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Crocus cloth

Does any one know where I can buy super fine Crocus Cloth. It also
used to be called Rouge paper. The stash of 50 sheets I have from the
late 60s is almost gone.

It’s a super fine maybe 1200 grit red iron oxide on cloth. The few
sheets I have left are from The Corundum Company of Niagara Falls NY.
Tim and I use it taped down to a hard flat surface to de burr our
gravers after sharpening.

I’ll be teaching a faceted stone setting workshop at Idyllwild Arts
School this coming spring and want to show the students first how to
properly shape and prepare gravers for setting work.

Jo Haemer

Stuller appears to have some very fine grit papers. Rob

Rob Meixner

I found it at

Check Amazon?

jo, i believe Norton sells something called "black ice paper) I’ve
always used Norton emery paper. it seems the best. (i’m not
affiliated with them, just a customer) Have fun. tom.

Can you use the 3M polishing papers? I have some polishing cloth also
that is something ridiculous like 8000 grit I can look at the brand
tomorrow. SD

I use this the same way, a pile left over from years ago.

It is used by people who make injection molds. 3m makes it, so
grainger has it

McMaster Carr has it, too.

Linda Kaye-Moses


FDJ Tool handles the 3M polishing papers that range from 400 through
and including 8000 grit. Try this link and good luck to you.

Best regards,
Bob A. DeMarcki

Thank you all for the info. I knew I could count on my fellow

I’ve ordered some from McMaster Carr. They, of all of the web sites
that offered crocus cloth had the best description of the product so
I’m pretty sure I’ll get what I’m looking for.

I’ll be curious to see if it’s the same as the old stuff I have.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer