Crocheting With Wire

Hi all! I love Orchid! (there, now I feel better!) Okay…

I had the best laugh when I was reading your post about naming the
technique you use for your crochet style … “ducheting” … Man!
That IS funny… On a serious note… If you are the only person
doing this particular thing (I apparently missed the link to see
your work) then why not do like other people do: name it after you!
How about: Jochet or Joanit? It could be referred to like so:
Jochet is a form of wire crocheting that Joan _____ has mastered to
her own specific style/design… (I do not remember if your last
name was mentioned… and if it was, I was too thrown by
’doucheting’ to remember it). If it is something somebody else has
done, then maybe it is time for a name! If nobody else can give it a
specific name… GO FOR IT! :slight_smile: Comes a time when everything MUST
have a name in this here “just the facts ma’am” society… they
don’t want a long explanation of the process and such, just a
name… or a nick name… SO, hats off to you Missy! (I would
appreciate knowing what you do decide!) ~Robin Pittman (Authentic

Hello Joan I have seen some beautiful Crochet work & we have an
artist in Scottsdale Az. Michael Sturlin and he is one of the best
Crochet artist. I was in his studio and seen some of his work & the

Check this site

Need be ask him & I am sure he will be more than helpful.

Kenneth Singh