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Crocheted wire


I have been reading about crocheted bracelet in the past digests.
While I am in Virginia I am sure to go and see Sturling’s work at
the gallery where they are shown.

Michael Sturlin's Orchid Galleries:

I am curious if the wires could not be fused like they do in Trabzon
bracelets. Very fine wires can be fused each other with even using a
candle flame. In one of the pictures you can see it is beeing done
by a young girl and in another photo two ladies are working with a
candle in between them.

Kindest regards from snowy Norfolk Virginia

Oya Borahan

Dear Oya,

If you have a chance to visit the Kane Marie Fine Arts Gallery in
Virginia Beach, you will be able to see my jewelry, including my hand
crochet work, represented there. I hope you enjoy your travels :wink:

As to your question about fusing the wires; it is possible if using
fine silver or high karat gold. However, in my tutorial I do advise
against it, as I prefer not to heat any portion of the crochet

until the total length has been achieved and the completed chain is
ready to be annealed. The twisted joins, or splices, when done
correctly as described, are entirely reliable.

For more detail on the procedure:

Michael David Sturlin