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Crochet with beads?

Hello everyone, I just was at a show, and a women there was using a
crochet hook, with black cord (not too thin) and putting small beads
on the cord every so often. The result was a tubular look with beads
all around, making the necklace look like a thick chunky roped bead
mass that was just lovely. Does anyone know what this technique is
called or any book that I may find it in to learn how to do this?
Thank you, Lee


Crocheting beads using any kind of cording, be it silk, rubber,
ribbon, finest silver wire is an art. Have fun!


leeann skalsos asked about guides for crocheting beaded cords. here
are some i know about.

books: "the beader's companion"	judith durant and jean

campbell interweave pressp 74 of 1998 edition “advanced beadwork” ruth
f. poris golden hands press p 62 of 1994 edition for many techniques
that may meet your need, also look at “creative bead weaving” carol
wilcox wells lark books

periodicals: bead and button _97 dex.pdf is the cumulative
index. i saw “crochet” listed in 2 issues.

beadwork they also publish the book
"beaded cords, chains, straps & fringe" (sorry, my email software
doesn’t let me underline.) that i have not seen but sounds like a
handy reference.

jean adkins

Hi Lee, I’ve done this in wire using the crochet technique in Alan
Revere’s Professional Goldsmithing book. You load beads onto your
wire or cord then pick them up as often as you desire. The crochet
will be a looser type than shown in the book to accommodate your
beads. Have fun.

Marta in Sacto.

Hi Leeann, The December 94 issue of Bead&Button had a two page article
on crocheted pearl ropes by Nancy E. Kelly. A sidebar has a short
article by LynneMarie Creed on how to plan patterns. HTH Karen

Dear Lee, You are right. The result is lovely. I first saw these
crocheted seed bead necklaces at the Whole Bead Show in Tucson, where
Karen Ovington (a wonderful glass bead-maker) was using the
technique. Remember seeing it fairly recently in a Bead & Button
magazine: Under PROJECTS: click All
Projects; under BEAD TYPE: click Stitch: Crochet; under SKILL LEVEL:
click All. The name of the article is “What Goes Around Comes
Around”. You can download the directions. Finding the size 11 seed
beads in the more subtle colors I have found to be laboreous. Let me
know if you find an abundant source of earth tones. Thanks.

Kay Taylor

Lee, start with the following link to a Bead & Button online project
(you might have to cut and paste the link in several pieces):


Then search for additional projects through the following link:

Once you understand the basic technique there are no limits on what
you can do with it! B&B is an excellent publication and I personally
recommend a subscription if you work with beads.

Donna Hawk
So much to do, so little time…

Lee, Check the back issues of Lapidary Journal June, July or August i
remember an article for a crochet bead rope necklace but i cannot
remember the issue.

— Rene White