Crime does not pay

Hi all,

O.k., did anyone see on the news today the guy in California who
tried to rob a market with a torch? Small torch like a plumber’s
torch. He even had a pop up diffuser box on the counter to put the
goods in. Looked like what you would use for photographing your
jewelry. Hmmmm, was this a wayward metalsmith down on his luck? The
market owner chased the man out with a baseball bat. Too funny!
Didn’t seem like a well thought out plan. I guess I will have to
re-think that crime spree I was considering with my propane torch.

-Carrie Nunes

Good snowy morning,

This post made me think of a funny story I had totally forgotten
about… When I was 19, (seems like a zillion years ago) I
opened my first studio/retail shop and had my workbench back in a
corner. The local “nut case” came in and actually had me cornered
spewing lots of nonsense. I was frightened to say the least! All of a
sudden I remembered my friendly plumbers torch (which I still use
often) sitting on the floor. I slowly bent down, lit it and began
chasing the guy out of my studio with gusto. Needless to say, he left
me alone after that! After all the posts about the tazzer and guns
and all, seems we have more “tools of the trade” than we know. :slight_smile:

Laughing, drinking coffee, and remembering the good ol’ days…

Karen Werner, I’m still looking for a stone…