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Cricut engraving

Just discovered this product cricut maker days it can engrave soft metals has anyone any experience with this. A second hand one might be worth a punt. I would value others experiences

found this posted on Facebook, worth checking further if you intend to buy one:

The fire investigator asked us to notify anyone we knew with a cricut machine. If you own a Cricut machine please keep it unplugged when not in use. Mine was plugged in, on and NOT in use when the fire started. We are not the first people whose cricut started a fire.

We are out of our home for 8+months. It’s a complete gut. Just unplug the damn machine! Here’s a before and after picture. We bought the cricut explore air 2 on May 13, 2019 brand new.

EDIT: initially the fire marshal thought it was the extension cord. HOWEVER the Fire Investigator said it was the cricut.

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Hi midastouchjewels,
First, good advice from mice42. Haven’t ever heard of that but will inquire in the Cricut community. Nonetheless, always a good idea to unplug “inactive” appliances.
Now, on to your question. I haven’t personally engraved with my Cricut, I fully intend to so have been paying attention. Although some people have engraved with the Cricut Air 2 and there is an engraving “pen” for the Air2, most people advise using the stronger Cricut Maker. The two machines aren’t fully interchangeable. The Maker is Cricut’s latest full size machine and it can do a lot the Air2 can’t. At a price (~$300-$400). It hasn’t been on the market long enough for a strong secondary market. The Air2 is far more accessible. If you’re interested, there are a lot of YouTube videos and my “go-to” source for all things Cricut is Jennifer Maker. She’s on every media outlet, has a blog, FB group, library of free SVG (cutting) files, tutorials and so on. Either search on her name or start at
Here’s a link to her tutorial on engraving a metal spatula using the Maker:
have fun!

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I agree always unplug any inactive appliance I did look up that claim but it could not be verified.
I wanted to mention the biggest difference between the Maker and Explor Air series is the Cricut Maker is capable of applying 1 pound pressure whereas Explor and other cutting machines such as Silhouette are capable of only a half pound pressure. For my purposes that extra pressure makes a huge difference.


Thankyou so much for all the information and links. I think I had better get saving. Hmm why is the letter n never prints on my phone.