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Crescent moons and stars

Good morning Orchidians, I have a request to make a bracelet
containing natural stone crescent moon and star. The stones are not
specified. He does not want the super high end diamond and
alexandrite type special facets, but rather nicely carved lapidary
specimens or moderately priced gems. I am not able to locate a
carved crescent moon without a “face” and a similarly sized star
(about 12-15mm long with a proportionate width). Drilled is
preferable. Have tried all my suppliers to no avail. Can any of you
recommend someone that may have what I need?

Thank you,

There is a shop, combination rock shop, new age type shop in Midwest
City, OK, a suburb of Oklahoma City. Right now I can not think of
the name of it, it seems like it’s Nature’s something. She used to
have some stones, carvings like this a couple of years ago. I wish I
could think of the name or had a phone number for you, best I can do
right now.

Sharon Perdasofpy

I do supply crescent moons and stars to customers in drusy form. The
crescents can be ordered without faces.They can be cut to your
specifications. If you are interested please contact me at

Diane Sadel

Hello Trudy, I’ve gotten strands of crescent moons and stars from
Fire Mountain Gems in various Call them at 1-800- 355-2137
and ask for what is available now. - usual disclaimers.
Judy in Kansas