Crescent Gems

Hi all,

I am not getting any thing for this, but this is just a quick note

to anyone interested in buying gem stones, and favorable review to
help an Orchid supplier.

I just received an excellent gem order from Ahmed Shareek at

Crescent Gems in Sri Lanka. He sorted out my need for custom cut
stones in 3.25mm round cut over the email, and even called me long
distance here at my office to confirm the order and get my credit
card info, so I wouldn’t need to send it over the 'net. The quality
of the stones themselves is great, and the cut is, well, “a cut
above” the pricier stones recently ordered from a “large southwestern
supplier”, and it took about 10 days until they were delivered from
Sri Lanka.

Just want you all to feel safe in ordering from our fellow orchid
member in Sri Lanka.

	Ahmed Shareek
	Crescent Gems

Andrew Horn
The Master’s Jewel