Credit cards vs cash

I came in late on this one, but you might want to read the fine
print on your credit card agreement. I’m with an entity called Nova
Information Systems. There is a very specific item requiring the
retailer to not discount for cash. I would think enforcement of this
would be next to impossible, but still in all, it is there.

On the matter of the guy who wants to avoid paying salestax that
Dave Sebaste mentioned: When I lived in Colorado I would have this
come up from time to time and would handle it (when I had some room
to negotiate) by discounting the piece by the sales tax amount, but
then divide the new figure by 1.0X (X=tax percentage). This gives
you what the the “selling price” is out of the new figue, and the
remainder is the appropriate tax. This I would report.

The customer would think he beat the system, but I’d be in good
standing witht the tax man.

Best, though, is to establish your price and stick to it for out of
the case items. I have a very stict formula I stick to for special
order work, but working to the customer’s price point is easy by just
adjusting the materials and labor that will ultimately go into the

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