Credit Card Terminal Offer

The NAIA (National Association of Independent Artists) has just
passed on an offer for a free credit card terminal to its members.
I’m wondering if any of you have experience either with the Nurit
machine mentioned below or with the company/person making the offer.
Here’s how it reads:

American Card Service would like to offer NAIA members a new
Nurit 8000 gprs wireless credit card terminal for free. This
is a serious offer. We want to build on our base number of
artists and we decided the best way to do that would be to
offer the artists their credit card terminals for free. This is
a $1,000.00 terminal that we would like to give to your members
for free. If any members would like to take advantage of this
offer please have them contact: Frank Grabowski, American Card
Service, 888-561-1235

Note that the NAIA is not vouching for the offer; they’re just
passing it on. And I have not investigated the offer yet to see what
the rates and contract details are. I was hoping to get some feedback
on the machine and company first.