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Credit card facility in taiwan jewellery show

i will be exhibiting for the first time in taipeh jewellery show
this 24th- 27th dec,'10, and the organiser does not provide credit
card facility.

approached a few local bank there for credit card facilities but was
turned down, because my company is not a local registered company.
another way is to get a guarantor. but this will be my first time in
taiwan and i have not way to get a guarantor for opening a bank
account there. i dont want to lost out on sales for not having
credit card facilities.

can anyone advise and help me on this matter…


Anne, its been nearly 30 years since I was last on Taiwan and have
no idea what the current situation is there. But, having said that,
Taiwan has always had a very strong business assistance bureau.
Google that on-line and they should be able to give you the necessary
Cheers, Don.

If you have an American bank account you can get an account with
Intuit’s GoPayments. and process credit
cards through a smartphone or laptop from anywhere in the world.
Contact me offline for more info.