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Credit Card Acceptor

David: I had very bad experiences with First Horizon, so when you
mentioned them, the name leaped out. I started out with a decent
discount rate, ( I don’t remember what it was at the time but it was
better than other places I had evaluated.), which rose a few months
after I began working with them. There was a small monthly fee, plus
a nuisance charge of $25 if there were no credit card sales that
month. Then, they charged me ($50) for calling their help desk,
which I did , one time, at THEIR suggestion when I had a problem.
After that, they kept charging me for Help Desk calls I did not make
and refused to take them off the bill. Then, when I cancelled my
account with them, they continued to help themselves to my monthly
fees. After about a dozen phone calls, a stop at my bank, four
faxes, they finally desisted. Then they called to apologize and
asked if they could get my business back. Harummmpf.

I use Fleet bank now. MJSA has a good program and I recommend them
highly. However, they were just acquired by Bank of America, so my
discount rate notched up a bit, but not too badly.

Diana Widman
Birch Tree Studio Jewelry Designs
825 South Waukegan Road A8 #184
Lake Forest, IL 60045

Costco offers a very good service at a very reasonable rate. You have
to become an Executive member but here in Los Angeles the gas prices
make that worth it.

Sue Ann Dorman
P.O. Box 110201
Marina Del Rey, CA 90295

If Costco is using Nova Information Services I would definately look
at the fine print of thier contract. I have used Nova for a number of
years and grew tired of the increase in fees and other charges. In
terminating with them they sent me a document to sign ended our
contract and are requiring a $150 termination fee. I never had
problems with them I just was spending too much money on fees, annual
fees, monthly fees, even $10 just to talk to a customer service rep.
Be careful what you sign and know all the details