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I recall that there was some writer who said, “Creativity is
just plagiarism one word at a time.” :slight_smile:

Joel Kahn <@Joel_Kahn>

Howdy All,

I really don't want to start a heated discussion on whether or not

creativity can be taught. However I do believe there are techniques
to stimulate/enhance/improve creativity. You may be able to find books
by Edward deBono or materials used by the Odyssey of the Mind
organization(though they may now be defunct or absorbed into another
org.). Ever notice how an idea or solution to aproblem seems to come
while you’re thinking/doing something unrelated to the problem? Well,
try visiting a toy store or hardware store and wandering the aisles
picking up things at random but mentally ask yourself “How does this
relate to my problem?” take a notebook and make 3 columns. Write down
the pluses, the minuses, and the ‘interesting’ features of the item.
‘Brainstorming’ techniques can generate more ideas than you can use
at a time! Write down everything! No matter how silly impossible it
seems. Dr. DeBono relates a story of challenging some kids to draw (oh
yeah - sometimes drawing some wild idea is better) a vehicle which can
drive over rough ground. Of course he saw a lot of jeep type things
and cars with big wheels. One kid drew a vehicle with something
labeled ‘smooth stuff’ oozing out the front and a vacuum-like device
collecting it up again at the rear of the vehicle. pretty weird you
say? yet that is exactly what tank-treads do! Sometimes opening up a
dictionary or encyclopedia at random and asking yourself"How does this
word/subject relate to my problem" can be effective too. never
underestimate the synergy of involving other minds (like here!).

1 Lucky Texan