Creative Wax Carving

Debra, You might want to contact Ruth Pierce, Creative Wax Carving through
Mancuso Publishing Co. 3912 Azure Lane Addison, Tx. 75244 (214) 243-3668
Phone, (214) 484-7039 Fax.

Debra gives class on her boat. A friend recently attended and was extremely

Her book is excellent.


Debra, Ruth Pierce’s email is:

The class was conducted in her home, but will take you sailing if the
weather’s nice, I sure. She is a wonderful lady not to mention fantastic
in her craft. We are trying to get her to do public classes again,
currently she has only conducted private classes. Her book is very easy to
follow and practical. After working with her for only a weekend I was able
for the first time in my life take my one dimension sketch and create a wax
carving that was right on the money!

Terri Collier
Dallas, TX