Creative wax carving by Ruth Pierce

Hello! I am looking for a copy of Creative Wax Carving by Ruth
Pierce. Does anyone have a copy to sell which doesn’t cost $288? For
those of you who have the book, how does it compare to Kallenberg’s
Modeling in wax for jewelry and sculpture and Hiroki Tsuyuki’s books
on wax carving? I have all three and i have learned a lot from
reading them but i was wondering if the Ruth Pierce book goes more in
depth or discusses techniques that aren’t talked about in the
Kallenberg and Tsuyuki books. I’d really appreciate your
reviews/input. Thank you.


Dara- I like to to go to Book Search: Textbooks, Cheap Books Online Price Comparison for
my used book searches. I have a bad book habit.

I found copies from over $200 to $40.

Give them a try for a less expensive copy of the book.

Jo Haemer

Hi Dara. I do not have the book but would be happy to answer
specific questions regarding techniques that are not typically
revealed or taught. Please feel free to contact me off-list.
Regards, Margie Mersky