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Creative Diamond Setting

Hello all !


I am hereby announcing that a very new Continuing Education program
at the George Brown College, here in Toronto, Canada will be
starting in November 16 / 04, till February 22 / 05.

This teaching hands-on learning session was thought of, created by,
and subsequently promoted by …yours truly! No other school in
Ontario, Canada will be promoting this higher level of learning.

I am now finding, through Orchid, there is an absence of training in
this higher learning of Bright-Cutting, Pave’ and even Grinding
Gravers. One of the main features of this class is to introduce a
better and easier way of Bright-Cutting. It is with the help of an
Onglette #2 “Right- Sided” shaped graver. This method was taught to
me, many decades ago and it is used at my setting bench continually.
I will only allow students who have gone through the Basic and
Intermediate levels with me in school. It is that advanced! ! I will
also be teaching Extreme levels of Bezel Setting with Emeralds,
Gypsy-set with delicate and soft stones. It can be done!!.:>)

I will be promoting Orchid at every class I manage. I have two more
classes planned in February. Why would I be doing this? I am very
elated with the response of inquiries of late on my numerous articles
on “Diamond Setting”. I have even had to send an email to a fellow
in New Zealand. We are here for you!

If any school administrator wishes to receive my Gem-Setting course
outline, I will forward it back to you the same day. It will appear
in the school portfolio and its web-site in a day or so. This class
is called “Creative Diamond Setting”. This class is 42 hours
long…over 14 weeks!

If anyone here in the Toronto or Southern Ontario region, wishes to
enrol, please call 416-415- 5000…ext. 4867 and ask for Vicki at the
"Con-Ed" office…Gerry, the Cyber-Setter!