Creates Shanks

Just wanted to plug Alan.

I just installed one of his 18K white gold PFF shanks and found the
installation simple enough. I added it to a platunum topped ring
with a 4ct center stone and trillions on the side. It has a positive
lock My client is happy and I hope that his client will be happy as
well. So far, very good! It is not a cheap product, but I am
convinced that it is the best around.

Some folks have complained about recieving samples from him without
asking for them. It seems that these sample are just about his best
gimmick for demonstrating his product. Kudos to him. The samples
that I have have helped close this sale and I hope many others.

Alan caused a lot of heat to come down on himself by talking
negatively abbout his competition a while back. Hey. I understand.
Being a nice guy can be extremely frustrating. I’ve tried to do it
myself for way too long. It has been said that “nice guys finish
last”. He has gone way out of his way to help me and I am sure that
he will help a lot of others if they wish. His other posts on this
list have been positive and helpful. I have learned a couple of
things from him myself from some of those posts.

An interesting addition to his web site is a video with some wear
testing. Might be negative, but it’s nothing more than Consumer
Reports might do.

Bruce D. Holmgrain