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Create Beach Glass With Foredom


Dear Mary - Please enlighten us as to how you created BEACH GLASS
using your Foredom. Also, has anyone used the etching solution, sold
in hoby shops for frosting beads? Could this be used to create the
frosted finish found on beach glass? Thanks in advance.


Hi I have used the etching solution sold in bead shops (its a lot
cheaper to buy the acid and mix it up yourself although the name of
the type of acid seems to escape me for the moment…). Anyway, this
works well for etching glass beads but the etch does not go very deep
so would not, I think, give that hard etched effect of beach glass but
a neater shallow-etched effect. Harriet


Someone suggested buying the acid to etch glass, instead of using the
stuff glass shops sell. Please don’t do this! The acid which etches
glass is hydrofluoric. It is one of the most insidiously dangerous
acids there is, because of the way it can (without your awareness that
you’ve even been burned) penetrate the skin and attack the bones. I
wouldn’t suggest using it to create “beach glass” under any
circumstances. Rene Roberts