Crearing gems

Derek, Funny how things go. Many of the goldsmiths that I know are
often taken aback at the attitude of the customers that we serve, who
acquire a gemstone and feel that it is the most important attribute
in a piece of finished jewellery. It may have cost thousands, or even
tens of thousands of dollars.

They then grind the price for the design and setting, as if we
should be honoured to even touch their precious stone.

By your post, it seems that the grass is no greener on the other
side of the fence.

It is not an easy task dealing with people. If the designers that
you are working with don’t respect you and your work, deny them the
access to your passion. There are others who will appreciate it, and
freeing yourself from those who would simply take advantage of you
will give you the time and incentive to find them.

One of the most empowering things that I have done in my career is
is to “fire” the leaches who quietly appreciated my work but ran it
down in my presence, in an attempt to keep me from charging a fair
price for it. That type of relationship is similar to an abusive
marriage, where one spouse constantly berates the other to make them
feel inadequate, domineering them into total submission and

Don’t cooperate with those who have a pathological need to take
advantage of others. In our industry, there are many of them, but
there is a far greater number of people who truly appreciate fine
work, and will pay what you ask. Reward them, and yourself, by
seeking them.

David Keeling