Crazy Glue Solvent


Can anyone recommend a better solvent than acetone for crazy glue (and
similar) used for dops? I have started faceting and find it takes a LONG
time to remove the stone from the cone dops especially. I have been using
it for several years for a cab dops.



I have done well on most things with Attack. When that doesn’t do
the trick, I resort to very gentle heating. Jim


Heat is the answer, I have a 3/4 inch dowel rod about 6" long, it has a
1/4" hole in one end to accept the dop. I hold one end with the stick,
and the stone with my bare fingers, and apply heat with a propane torch in
the center of the dop, the stone will pull free very quickly, and a little
acetone will remove any traces of glue on the stone. Do not use this
method on any heat sensitive stones and remember, if its too hot for your
fingers, its too hot for the stone. John Huck

Just a few seconds from the steamer does wonders as far as
seperation goes, try it!! Matt the Catt