Crazing Opals

Hi, There are different reasons for crazing in opals some I
believe happed from the rough when it was dried, don’t know the
exact process and some occurs from severe temperature changes, if
you put oil on the stone once a month when not wearing it, this
will keep it from drying out which can cause crazing and I have
even heard of stones exploding or disintergrating that were
locked in safe deposit boxes, An opal dealer told me this in N.J.
years ago said he had hundred of stones and could not take the
time to keep them all oiled etc. (sounds silly). Would like to
hear more about the care of opals, I have had a black lightning
ridge since the 70’s in my collection that I take out once in a
while and oil it and put it back in the holder and it has
survived nicely. Kind regards Chris
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Opals craze for a number of reasons, one bad opal, two extreme
heat or constant heat such as lighted showcases, safe deposit box
drieness and pressure changes over years, the simple solution is
Opal should be worn, it should not be stored in safe deposit box
over long periods, it should not be put in lighted showcases or
exposed to extreme heat, Opal is very misunderstood…alot of
mis…for example…Opal stored in oil and opal
stored in Glycerine…both are “bad Ideas” especially rough
material…since opal has porosity it will soak up oil and
glycerine and discolor over time…many years or more…and
crazing can be induced…i have seen ounces of fine opal left in
jars and “ruined” over a period of years…now as far as
polished opal, if the polish is very fine, oil or water will not
make a difference in longetivity…but if polish is bad it (oil)
can again be soaked into stone and discolor it…

A good Opal is a Good Opal, oil and water will not help it,
water cannot hurt it…oil can discolor it good or bad
opal…we have millions of carats opal stones in our inventory
some as old as 20 years or more since cutting, none are stored in
water and none in oil…every few years we junk out a few
stones…we have showcases full of opal jewelry…no crack or
craze problems, we have many clients world-wide who have our
opals and opal jewelry and NO RETURNS…unless a client breaks
one due to their negligence…The Bottom-Line on Opal is The
Opal must be Good Quality Opal to begin with, it must have a good
polish, it must be set correctly in jewelry and it must be taken
care of…The Opal must be worn often…Opal Care

1. Wear the Opal often....
2. Do Not Wash dishes with Opal on....Detergents are bad...
3. Do no do the garden or manual labor with Opal is not a diamond !
4. Remember Opal and Tannzanite are the same hardness or softness....
5. Do not store Opal in Safe Deposit for long periods of time....years...
6. Store Opal in Safe Place in Jewelry Box....not under everything else...
7. Wear the Opal often....

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