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"Crazed" Opal

   a product called "opticon" good for this? How does it work?
Does anyone have a service that I can send the earring to be
repaired? I'd appreciate the feedback, the customer is really
coming unglued! Thank You! Wendy Newman 

No one should or can gaurentee Opals.You should advise your
clients up front that they are fragile.But for your problem you
can try Optigon and even waterglass or Canadan Balsam to fill the
cracks.But it is unlikely they will entirely disappear,and all
these filler processes involve some

light heating so the stone will incur further risk of
cracking.The type of crack you describe is called "crazing"and it
might be just a fraction of a milimeter on the surface.So you
should have a lapidary repolish it.In th at case you might get
under the crazing.But with a doublet you probably don 't have
enough thickness in the Opal to sand and polish.There is a way
to prevent it from falling completely apart,that is put a layer
of clearQuartz on top,a triplett!!

Mark Liccini
Gemstone Rough Dealers Since 1970