Craft show booth walls

Hello All,

I am just getting my feet wet doing art shows and want to improve
the look of my booth. I just did a show this past weekend in Solomons
Maryland and the artist next to me had walls made of gray steel tube
framing and 1" wire mesh, about 7’ tall and 3’ wide which was put
together in sections, and I was hoping some of you wise and all
knowing orcidians can help me find these or similar items or have
any other thoughts as to a walled backdrop. As always

Thank You in advance for everyones help and advice.


Hey Paul. Not sure where you are located but I am in Arkansas and
came across a gentleman that had gotten out of the show circuit
after 20 years. He had a large garage sale and sold most all machines
except for a vaccum and his display fixtures. I actually think they
are similar to what you saw or at least might work. If you don’t
find what you’re looking for, I would be glad to contact him and see
if he has any pictures of them set up and then forward those to you.
Just let me know and I’ll find out what I can. As for price, I don’t
really know what he was wanting or what they actually go for used.
Be glad to help if I can.