Craft Foam Ring sizing

First of all thanks to the Orchid community for all the tips on ring
sizing and references to published guides. I thought I would pass
along a tip I use in sizing rings.

When I have a specific ring size to make I first make the cabochon
setting or the inlay frame. Then I take a piece of craft foam the
width of the ring shank and wrap it around the ring mandrill and trim
it until the cabochon setting or inlay frame fits the size that is

This foam could also be used to wrap around customer’s finger for
sizing as long as the material you are making the ring from is about
2 mm thick.

The craft foam I’m talking about is sold in sheets in craft stores.
It comes in many colors and I’ve seen hats and flowers, etc. made
from it. It’s 2 mm thick which is roughly the thickness of 16 ga

This method works for me as I’m a visual person.

Rick Copeland – Silversmith
Colorado Springs, Colorado