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Cracks in argentium castings

Hello all,

Wondering if anyone can advise on how to repair cracks in Argentium
castings. I have experienced cracks while filing up a couple of
castings (which were done by a reputable casting house from my wax
models). In the first case, a prong cracked during fileing and the
second time, multiple fissures and cracks developed in a column-type
earring drop (the wax was originally turned on a lathe and looks a
little bit like a chess piece) while filing. In looking back over the
archives, it looks like a possible cause is quenching the castings
too quickly. So, I can discuss this with the casting house…but, are
there any other causes? Something I might be doing wrong during
filing? And, can the multiple fissures/cracks be repaired…maybe the
cracks/fissures would fuse together? Thanks so much.

Lori A


Try localized fusing. I have had good luck with it. I was working on
a set of intertwined rings last night and hit one with a cut off
wheel. It fused well and you cannot tell.

Just be sure to support the piece as it can sag or break. The
instant you see the area gloss lift the torch.

Good luck.

Hi Lori,

You can fuse cracks in Argentium Silver. I have found this to be
particularly fabulous to be able to do when raising a vessel. The
multiple cracks may be difficult to deal with. It is worth trying,

The casting house is reputable, but have they taken the time to read
up on what needs to be done differently when casting Argentium

I have recommended AU Enterprises in Berkley, Michigan to several
people for casting Argentium Silver, and each has reported to me
that they were pleased with the castings.

good luck, and best wishes,
Cynthia Eid

P.S. Ask your casters to use Argentium 935 Pro rather than the
original casting alloy. The Pro alloy is the latest Argentium alloy
and is more robust for investment casting. It is much less likely to
crack if all the casting parameters are not spot on.

Cynthia Eid

U can fuse cracks in a sterling silver vessel during & finished
using a hydrogen torch.

Jennifer Friedman