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Cracking gold

Hi Michael, Sorry if the question is stupid, but did you change
direction when rolling? This is another cause for cracks, which
in this case form irregularly across the sheet (not in the
direction of rolling or at right angles to it). You should
always roll the metal in the same direction, if you want to
change it, anneal beforehand.

Markus Ellermeier
Am Wachthuegel
Lindenstr. 5
D-56865 Walhausen

Hi Marcus,

Can you tell me the current status of nickel and nickel alloys in
Germany? That is I understand that Nickel is not allowed in jewelry
or platins anymore for jewelry. Small traces of nickel apparently
render titnaium wire for example unnaceptable to sell in Europe.

Is nickel white gold still available? Do the refineries still sell
nickel white gold alloy material for goldsmiths to alloy their own

Do students still work with nickel silver for building samples
(ALpaca)? If not what do they use?



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