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Cracked ring wax

Help? I’m new to wax - how do I rescue this almost finished wax that’s cracked on one side.

Is that Filo wax? Even if it is not, superglue could come to the rescue……………………

John Dach


Just use a lower temp wax to repair it like soldering. I like perfect purple by Kerr.
Jo Haemer

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Gently heat your Exacto blade, slip heated blade between the crack melting both sides. Press the piece back together and hold till wax cools completely. File wax to make pretty again.

Penny Atkinson-Potter
Penoir Contemporary Jewelry Design

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It’s Ferris file-a-wax. Lovely to work but a tad brittle :rofl:

Try the purple File-O-Wax. It’s more forgiving than the green, polishes up quite nicely, and isn’t as floppy as the blue.

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give that heated joint a good long sit before filing
Michelle Sandler

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