Cracked bezels after soldering

I just started using 18 gauge SS as my bezel base (the bezel wire has
always been SS). That’s when they started cracking. I was using 20-22
gauge with no problems. I use prips flux, hard solder, and a pretty
hot flame so I don’t spend too much time on it. The piece is laying
on a sturdy wire screen so I can heat it from below. I quench in
water right after. Could It be too hot to quench? I didn’t think that
was possible. I’ve been making these for a few years with no
problems. The sterling sheet is kind of old…about 3-4 years. Has
anyone seen this before?

I took a couple of quick snapshots of the problem here:

Rick Sullivan


It looks like you qwenched it too hot to me. I have had it happen
years ago. If silver is cherry red and you qwench it it will crack.

J Morley/Goldsmith Laser welding