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Courtesy 'thank you'!

When I pick up my silver casting for my country wide students, I
make a concerted effort in telephoning my rubber-mold maker & hard
working casters. I feel courtesy is SO important in these days we now
live. None of them get these calls from their other clients, why not?
I even make sure they are paid before I leave their office. No 7-10
payment plans, they work hard, so do I. My honest happy telephone
call is like “icing on the cake” for them. If a person does some
other kinds of jewellery repairs, I sometimes even ‘drop a few extra
$’ into their battle-worn hands.

I did an ‘on the spot’ flush setting’ for a frustrated beginner
jeweller. Not one word of thanks, no answering of my email to see
how it went, I was not a happy-camper, to say the least! A complete
reversal of my business ethics.;>( Gerry!


Thank you, for some probably the most difficult two words to say,
yet to hear, priceless.

Integrity and ethics, foreign language to far too many. IMHO.



Good to hear from you again. A simple two words of “thank you” was
not in her limited vocabulary! This happened to me twice this year,
almost like slapping me in my face!

I don’t chatter on Orchid for simple things, but only when others
will gain from my few years of experience. Happy Channukah!


Hello Gerry,

You are a true gentleman. How can someone fail to thank you for your
kindness? My heart is delighted that there are people like you, so
don’t be too frustrated.

All the best for you!
Judy in Kansas

You are a true gentleman. How can someone fail to thank you for
your kindness? My heart is delighted that there are people like
you, so don't be too frustrated.

Gerry, your comments on courtesy really struck a chord. For years I
have always sent our vendors cookies for the holidays, this small
gesture along withpaying our bills on time goes along way in keeping
a small fish like me in very good graces with our suppliers. I’m
never going to be their biggest customer so I’ll try to be the
nicest, works wonderfully. Conversely the lack ofcommon courtesy can
really leave a bad taste in your mouth. A few years agosomeone posted
here about how expensive gravers were and asked if anyone had another
option. I posted back that used beading tools can make a
perfectlyacceptable graver. Feeling that I might be able to help out
a beginner I offered to send her some used ones, she accepted and
then another person chimed in that she would also like some. Since we
have a GRS power hone I went ahead and shaped and sharpened a square,
a round and a flat for each one of these girls. I sent them along
with a dozen used ones to each of them. To thisday I haven’t heard a
word, no thanks, no I received the package, nothing!!I was very
surprised since everyone on this site seems very kind and polite. The
absolute lack of the most basic courtesy was stunning. . I haven’t
changed how I approach helping someone but this unfortunate event
always come to mind and that bad taste comes back again. Thanks for
bring up this topic, courtesy often seems to be in short supply.
Happy Holidays to all, Tim