Courtesy call to my caster!

I have my 2 casters to help me to prepare my revised line of
"Advanced Diamond Setting" models. These will be used extensively in
2016. Why now, when else? both have finished all of their normal
casting. My favourite caster called me & apologized profusely his
casting didn’t come out.

I said to him to allay (any fears) “Eddy, we made duplicates one or
two won’t make any difference. so don’t worry, please!” I assured
him that mistakes do & will happen. I’m sure he ‘felt’ better after
my phone call, we ARE A TEAM!! Moral of this story. we are all human
& a bit of patting on the back will & does help. Never get angry,
remember we will all end up in the same place after many decades, so
why get angered over some loss of silver designse?.. Gerry