Courses in Southern France

Hello All, I am new to this discussion board. After a time away from silversmithing I am looking to refresh and upgrade my skills . I am looking for courses or tutoring in the south of France, southern Italy or Greece . I am flexible on how these function and their length. Ideally I am look for 2 months of training.

Thanks for any leads for advice. David

Hi (bonjour) David
I can’t offer you a course or any seminars in Gemstone Setting, but I have another option, which I believe is even better in these tough Covid-19 days.
This is a very good reason to introduce to you my essays in Diamond Setting.
I think that as a Diamond Setter that these 143 tutorial essays will come as a fantastic reason to acquaint yourself with my blog. This blog can be used at any time of the day (your time) weekends and evenings. You can print out any of the essays and use them as a growing library.
By the way, there are many blog-readers from France, Italy, Greece and other neighbouring countries in Europe.
I know that these essays will be a source of valuable information for you in weeks, months (and as well) years to come.
The topics are lengthy with loads of text and with up close photographs.
The topics are many from setting stones in “4-Claw Setting”, “Gypsy Setting”, “Channel Setting”, “How to use a Graver” and “How to modify a Graver”, “Setting Stones in Wax”, “How to use Polishing Papers”. "How to examine a Diamond, prior to the actual setting of that gemstone". "What is an Appraisal form? The list is large and very extensive.
This blog address is "".
I wish you much happiness and satisfaction in learning jewellery fabrication for all of us on Orchid & Ganoksin. We are all here to help you.
I am only one of many professionals offering to help you, what a great team.

Fond regards, Gerry Lewy!.. “gerrylewy18(at)