Courses in London

Hi, I’ve just moved to London and I need to find a jewellery course I
can do in the evenings. I was doing evening courses in Sydney on
basic work, stone setting, enamelling and wax work and I would like
to do the same over here. Failing that I’d like to have classes
with a jeweller who is willing to give evening classes.

Can anyone help me ???


The Sir John Cass College in the East end - near Aldgate tube
station is incredible, with some of the finest European craftsmen
lecturing and teaching there. They do evening classes and allow you
to put these together into a degree course as well.

Otherwise pick up a copy of “Searchlight” from a local library or
newsagent. This lists all the college courses in the greater London

Tony Konrath
Key West Florida 33040

Try London Guildhall. Some evening classes are offered. Find the
organizations for jewellery (UK spelling) and they may help in
locating individual training. Eileen, late of London area now WA state
Snow Goose Designs

Hello, Somebody was asking about jewellery schools in London, Kind regards, Oya