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Country of origin marking

Does anyone know if jewelers are required to label/mark jewelry that is made here in the US and sold at wholesale to retailers with the country of origin for the pearls and diamonds that are purchased from US dealers and set into precious metal designs that we make in the US

To my knowledge, country of origin stamps are not required, by the FTC, for the US; not for the metal, stones, or labor. The FTC does have guide lines for how jewelry should be stamped and/or described so as not to misrepresent the item to customers. Most of the guidelines are in regards to properly disclosing metal purity, plating/treatments, and gemstone treatments.

I think there is a set of guidelines for marking something as ‘made in America’ in terms of where the materials and labor are sourced but I can’t fully remember. Marking something as made in America isn’t required, it is mainly used for marketing and sales purposes.

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