Counting Scales and Doing Inventory

I want to purchase a counting scale to try and take some of the pain
out of doing inventory.

This is the one I’m considering:

In case this link disappears, this is from Qtech. It’s model ECS
5-10-20, $149.

Because this is the lowest-priced one that I’ve seen, and because
I’ve never used one before, I’m a little wary and I’d like some
advice before I buy it.

In your collective experience, is there something that I would need
that this scale does not do? Is there any major motivation for
buying a more expensive one, or will this one suit my needs? I need
to inventory all my beads and findings. I haven’t done it in three
years and the first time I did it, it was pure agony. And now I
have more than 1500 separate items, in most cases way more than one
of each, so I would like to make it as painless and quick as

So, any advice on the scale?

Any advice for making inventory less painful?

I thank you in advance.


Accuracy will help a lot if you are weighing small (less weight)

You can have a counting scale with 1 gram accuracy or a 0.1gm

Usually you weigh a sample lot of 5, 10, 20, or 50 pcs. Then the
scale determines the per piece average weight of this sample lot.
Then the counting scale can let you know the quantity of any given
lot, provided the total weight is less than its capacity. At larger
loads the accuracy varies.

At $150.00 it sounds very cheap.

I would recommend a AnD EK-1200. It is 1200 gm capacity with 0.1gram
accuracy. It is Made in Japan and comes with excellent warranty.

Kenneth Singh

Hi linda

the scale you are looking at has a Weight Capacity of 20 lbs, but
will not work with weight under 0.5 grams. How small are the peices
you need to weight? check E-Bay there are some good deals on new


Thanks for the suggestion about looking on eBay, David.

I’m thinking it won’t be much of a problem to be limited to a half
gram minimum, because if something weighs that little, I could
probably easily count it manually. The smallest items are 2mm stone
beads and 3mm Swarovski crystals and it doesn’t seem to take much to
make a gram.