Countertop Gems & Findings catalog

I have in my hands a 658 page catalog entitled
Countertop…Gems&Findings 2010… but, can find NO phone number,
address, or any contact within. Is this one of the Rio
catalogs, or something else? All mailing parts have been tossed…
this isn’t something I asked for, although it is interesting. Does
anyone know where this is from. …I don’t believe I’ve ever
posted, I’m so busy trying to follow along,
learning…experimenting… spending most of my time in your
archives. Thanks for being such a great resource.


It is a Rio catalog and it is designed to use with your customers.
The prices are triple key.


Yes, it’s from Rio and they sent you the wrong catalog. The one you
have is a “Countertop” one meant to be used by Stores so their
customers can order from it, through the store. Just call them and
tell 'em they sent the wrong one. They’ll revise it and send the
correct one to you. I’m curious, does it list prices?

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