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Costume jewelry trade shows

Hi everybody,

Does anyone know about costume jewelry trade show ? any website
address ?

Can anyone refer some good web ring on costume jewelry ?

Thanks in advance to everyone…

Richard, Quebec City

You might try the Helen Brett co. I believe she is out of Memphis
Tenn. Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold
e-mail @Andy_Kroungold

Hi Richard, There are good costume jewelery shows in Providence Rhode
Island. Many manufacturers of costume jewelry are in that area.
There is a trade show called the International Fashion Jewelry and
accessory show which is held in Providence or Warwick Rhode Island,
and also in New York City. For exact dates contact them at (914) 686
3080. Their website is

There is a publication for costume jewery called Fashion Accessories
. It is in newspaper form and published in Bergenfield, NJ.

There is also a magazine called Accent. which I think is published in
Rhode Island.

Fashion jewelry can also be found at the ACC craft show, Boutique
show, and The Gift Show. The latter two shows are held in New York
City while the Acc show is in different parts of the country.


Richard, I would suggest for the Web for info on how-to and
resources and a Google search on Webrings. I know there is the
jewelry webring, but can’t find or remember the address.

As far as the trade shows, if you want to sell finished items check
the ones that are held in New York at the Javits center
(Javitscenter,com, i believe).

Best of luck and hope this helps.
Vera B.