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Costume jewelry cleaning

Ok I talked to Linda and she says…

  1. buy the cheap window cleaner NOT WINDEX 48 oz dollar store stuff

  2. Palmolive dish detergent NOT DAWN never dawn

to 24 oz of window cleaner add 1/2 to 1 tsps TEASPOONS depending on
the condition of the pieces this is a judgement call you have to do
to learn I guess. I always figure less is better than too much

these are placed in a small plastic shoe box sized container only
need about 1 inch of solution

NOW the caveats

NEVER USE WATER ON PRE-1940 rhinestones or other jewlery because of
the glue used just dip it once and dry

USE LOW NAP TOWELING TO DRY ON beach towels are good and so are bar

You may soak post 1940 jewelry at your descretion

You may use water on post 1940 NON-RHINESTONE jewelry such as
plastic or glass pearls, beads etc

use a BABY toothbrush carefully to remove stubborn dirt on front of
pieces pre-1940 only because if you scrub the back the thin foiling
will come off

Use your judgement! Coro pieces are DELICATE as such they are more
collectible at times if it is too fragile cleaning is done by a foam
applicator ie unused from cheap makeup carefully!

Be dazzled when the cigarette smoke is removed and the rhinestones

Don’t write me to tell me you destroyed jewelry by ie dipping then
rinsing in water sighs or anything else it takes many years of
practice to learn to correctly judge a pieces stability and it can
still bite you in the butt! However, if in doubt don’t alter a piece
let the collector or buyer do it then it’s their problem. The old
archaeologists saying of less is more when dealing with restoration
holds true.

Hope it helps I was always amazed at after a dip how fast those dead
stones would pop to your eyes but a truely intact coro piece with
pink rhinestones followed it and wow forgot all about the other junk.

Teri in the burgh doin my thang

Thanks SO much! Printed and added to my collection of Orchid recipes
and tips.

Beth Wicker

Any time! I get so much help from orchid it’s good to give back and
also good to thank you all!


Me too. I was thrilled to get this info and have saved it. After 42
years at this, I still learn new stuff every day.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer