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Costa Rica Travels

I will be traveling to Costa Rica for December and would appreciate
any hints as to places - shops, museums, factories, any artisians

I heard about some very old large stones that were perfectly round.
No one knows how they were made or for what purpose. They have been
held in the museum in San Jose but are supposed to be returned to
Gulfito where they were found. ???

Anyway…any direction or recommendations would be welcome.

Somewhere I read that Costa Rica had some Jade but haven’t been able
to track down any more…


I just got back from Costa Rica and had a perfectly awful time there.
Maybe just my bad luck, or whatever, but I found CR to be one of the
most difficult places that I have been to, and I have done a heck of a
lot of traveling.

There seems to be a lot more impact from drugs coming into the country
from Colombia, and that may explain some of it. Sorry to throw a wet
blanket on your plans, but better to be forewarned than to be unaware.
You just have to be super alert at all times.

That said, the one thing that I did find of interest vis-a-vis jewelry
was the gold museum in San Jose. A bit repetitious and not very
extensive in styles, but interesting nonetheless. Otherwise, there
isn’t a lot of metal work going on in CR that I could see at any rate.

We stayed at the Hemmingway Inn. About $50.00 for a double. Ask for
the suite (all rooms are the same price). You might be able to do
better by checking around, but you could certainly do a lot worse.

Good luck.
Ricco Gallery
125 W German St/PO Box 883
Shepherdstown WV 25443