Costa Rica silversmithing supply

A friend of mine is considering a move to Costa Rica. She will be
there for a month starting Dec. 13. I would appreciate any info
about resident Silversmiths, supply sources, or craft groups. Thank
you for any help. Bill from Long Island


i live in costa rica on the pacific coast in tamarindo. where will
your friend be – her location here will vastly affect her access to
resources. i have been here for over two years and get 90% of my
supplies from the US. being on the coast in a tiny town, i don’t
have resources such as groups or schools. the central valley
however, does have some of these things.


I work at a store in Tucson, Az. called Starr Gems, and we have a
website which people from all over the world order on. It is, and maybe this person would benefit from us
this way.