Cost of doing business report

I found the link posted in a previous message rather encouraging in
a way,

Jewelers of America:

Their survey results:

Sales Stall with Economy
As the general economy faltered in 2008, so did retail jewelry sales,
which declined across the board. Overall sales declined by 3.5% (down
from -0.3% in 2007).

Designer/custom retailers weathered the downturn with only a 0.8%
sales decrease, following an increase of 6.1% in 2007.

Independent high- end retailers were down 1.3%, compared to growth of
3.5% in 2007.

Mid-range retailers were down 5.5% (versus -1.7% in 2007), while
chains saw the steepest declines, off by 13.2% (versus growth of 2.5%
in 2007).

Sounds like the custom guys are doing the best of all the
categories, that should be good for a lot of us!