Cost of Casting

I have a few things which I would like to have cast in silver and 14
kt gold. I would like to also have molds created which I can save,
in case I would want to use them again. How many recommend mailing
their work out to be cast. What should I expect to pay for this
service. I only know one local caster and I thought he was a little
expensive. But I am new at this, so I am not sure. Also, an anyone
recommend a good caster who deals with Floreda clientelle. How safe
is mailing a finished piece out to be cast. What charges do they
usually give for the casting, mold making, spruing, making the flask,
etc. Thanks for any help you can offer, ahead of time. Ellie

I would be interested in giving you a quote. Please explain in detail
what you are wanting or call one of my stores and leave message for
me I will call you back

                            Scott Crossley
                            Paddock Jewelry Repair
                            Ocala, Florida

I know there are a number of casting organizations on this service
and wish no disservice by not singling them out for praise. But I
have used Daniel Grandi at Racecar Jewelry and I have been totally
pleased with his service, prices, and best of all, his results. I
have sent him my originals USPS return receipt and he has returned
them by UPS. He will probably respond to this message so I won’t give
you his email here, but contact me off list if you want more
One of the wonderful things about Dan is that he is
always willing to teach you about the processes. I live and work in
California and send my work to him in Rhode Island, so I am sure that
sending your work from Florida will be no problem. Good luck and again
apologies to the other casting houses in our Orchid community - I am
sure you all would do beautiful work as well. Shael

Hi Ellie, I have been casting for jewelry for 24 years. I have a
casting company in Maine. I have been casting for jewelry artists all
over the country for 15 years. This is not necessarily a plug! I just
want to caution you about looking for the cheapest caster. You want
someone that will do a quality job and is willing to discuss your
needs before proceeding. Sending an original wax in the mail is not a
problem. Pack your wax in a small plastic jar with cotton balls then
pack that in a box with bubble wrap or lots of packing “peanuts”.
Finally insure it for what you would pay to have it recarved. The only
waxes I have received broken were ones that were packed rather sloppy.
Remember…casting is not a drive through or photocopy process. Some
casters are very willing to sign an agreement not to copy or produce
your work for their use or sale. Bye. John, J.A.Henkel
Co.,Inc…Moldmaking, Casting & Finishing.


I have a silver frog, which weighs about 1 oz. and a small tooth,
about 1-2 grams, I would like to have a mold made of each and would
like at least 3 pieces of each. I would lik to have them cast in
silver, since I am just trying to start my own jewelry design
business and not quite sure yet how I will market them. I could
possibly use gold for the tooth, depends on price. Why don’t you let
me know the cost per gram for each metal. I can
finish them myself, if that is an option. Thanks for you help. Ellie

Ellie, Depends on the piece. The casting charge and to a lesser
extent the mold charge are influenced by the size, shape and
complexity of the piece. Rubber molds will run from $15.00 to $25.00,
metal molds from $100 to $200. Casting charges could be as little as
$1.00 and as much as $30.00 or more. The range is as big as the range
of jewelry. If you have a large or one of a kind type piece it would
be on the higher side. If you bring a caster a hand carved ring that
needs two or three extra gates you should expect to pay at least $20.
If you have a small 2-d piece and are casting 25-100 it would be on
the low side. Average charge to cast an average ring in quantities of
10 or so would be about $4.00ea. Metal charges for 14KY or 10KY are
typically 10% over cost. 14KW and 18KY may be more depending on the
caster. Red, green and palladium gold the caster can usually name the
price (25-50% over cost). Unfortunatly the only way to find out if a
caster is worth the charge is to try them out. Casting is REAL EASY to
do. Casting well is not so easy. You shouldn’t have any concerns about
shipping waxes. As long as they are well packed they make it just
fine. I would advise using small containers like plastic 35mm film
cans with tissue surrounding the piece. One piece per container would
be prudent. Box well with bubble wrap and you’re all set. Of greater
concern is the ethics of who you are sending them to. Most casters
that make thier living contracting thier services are ethical and keep
your pieces confidential. I know of some tradeshop types and
manufacturers that will take your piece as “inspiration” for a piece
of their own. Find someone you trust and does good work and the
actual cost becomes insignificant. I’d rather pay $10.00 for good work
to someone I trust than $1.00 for the same quality to someone I don’t.
Sorry I can’t be more specific. The simple answer is “It depends”.

Brett Gober
Freedom Design & Contracting

Is anyone familiar with Sierra Pacific Casting in Oakland, CA? How
is their casting, pricing and turnaround? I am considering doing some
work with them and since they are near me, I could save myself some
shipping costs. Thanks. Wendy

I typically charge a standard flask fee for casting, plus .50 cents
for each gram of metal. Whoever, however, you end up using for
your casting will have his/her own pricing method of course.

— david thorp

I realized a moment too late the message was incomplete: the
standard fee I usually charge people is $10.00, and .50 cents for
sterling silver.

— david thorp