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Correction Fluid stop-out

Was: Mokume gane billet in the kiln

Recently I've been using a White Out pen instead of yellow ochre
as my anti-flux. I will say that this is for repair work and
assembly, not Makume. For my purposes it is much easier to work
with and the small pen tip is ideal for controlled applications. 

completely in agreement. I use a pentel fine point correction pen
for small stop-outs and a larger broad tipped tipped one for billet
prep…both are equally as effective as yellow ochre- In fact they
are also good in place of Chinese whit which has risen greatly in
cost- a very small block being in the 10-15 dollar range (Windsor and
Newton brand) Since i use yellow ochre in many other compounds
(patinas, formulas, etc.) that I always keep a nice supply of it
around (with a few oxygen absorbing packs and desiccant packs thrown
in the airtight container for good measure…(sal ammoniac also
requires some assistance in reversing the tendency to attract water
from environs!) for various preparations.It can be mixed with gum
base(chicle’) and powdered charcoal to make a very efficient stone
protectant wrap for heat sensitive stones like emeralds, kyanite, and
gems with non-metallic inclusions.

[ By the way,I got a very nice wholesale deal on pink and yellow
coloured correction fluids recently- about 250 bottles…If anyone
would like one send a dollar for postage and product and I’ll send
you your choice of colour (A) liquid paper brand-2ml pink, or B)
retype brand canary yellow Fast Dry .If you want more than one
bottle, or twenty! write me, i’ll weigh it and we can figure out
postage…the product cost 36 cents per bottle whoelsale,.compared to
between $1.98-$2.70 from retailers and stationers in this area.Colour
choices may vary at the bottom of the case, but they are all pastels-
no white yet…] Let me know soon, i have some packages going out