Correcting diamond fly wheels

Hi all, I got an enquiry from someone and thought the question ideal
for this group. Thank you


I am in the diamond cutting business on motorcycles. I cut facets
in the fins of the cylinders and heads. The problem I am having
is that tye flywheels that I have been purchasing either don’t
cut or cut but have no shine.The flywheels are not refundable,I
have about 16 flywheels with this problem.Can you tell me if
there is a way to correct these flywheels. I have talked to
numerous people, some tell me the reason there is no brillant
shine is that the diamond does not have the proper angle,some say
I will not get the brillant shine as they are not made to cut
aluminum, yet I have some flwheels that do work great.Can you
help me out with this problem.

I have used the diamond flywheels with a high speed hand piece at
high RPMS- the trick seems to make practice cuts first to determine
the angle that provides you the best looking cut and then be
consistent with repeating the angle which you bring the work piece to
the wheels. The key is to let the diamond do the work, do not press
hard into it or

  1. the mandrel will bend

  2. you will dislodge the diamond

  3. you will chip the diamond or any of the 3 combined. Also when you
    chuck up the flywheel do not leave a lot of the mandrel out past the
    collets of the hand piece other wise it is prone to easy bending and
    will become off center.

I would recommend having the hand piece mounted and bring the work
to the wheel. I suspect that your person is trying to bring the
flywheel to the work piece instead which would not be as controllable
in terms of angle and feed rate.

Also, when you buy flywheels they are available in different angles
of cut- you have to experiment with which one works best on the
application you are doing.

Be sure and wear eye protection as the swarf can hurt you -