Correct Granulation

Hi Everyone:

When viewing good granulation work under a 10 power magnifier, what
should one expect to see if the work is done correctly? I understand
that the granules should be fused down as well as together and that
the granules should be uniform in shape and size, but what else? I am
learning and feel that if I have a model to aim for, I will have a
better idea if I am doing well or not.

Kim Starbard

Hi Kim,

Each granule should fuse the base sheet while remaining round, not
flattened, and also have a point of contact with each granule around
it; ideally you would be able to see light between the granules.
What you want to avoid is puddling into a solid mass with little
round humps sticking out of the puddle. It just takes a lot of
practice until you get a feel for when the metal is going to flash.