Correct address of Spectral Gems

A while back I posted addresses for a couple gem suppliers. Several
companies I’ve worked for have used Spectral Gems, and I’m afraid I
posted an old address taken from an old copy of their Gemstone
Characteristics and Durability Guide. Spectral is an excellent
company, and I may have mentioned that I thought their prices were
higher than some of the others I listed. What I failed to mention is
that Spectral has consistantly high quality and that that, coupled
with their excellent service, makes their prices a very good value.
I don’t mean to simply plug their company, but I want to be honest
about all aspects of my dealings with this company. I often need to
shop around to make margin, but I have never been less than
completely satisfied with Spectral’s product or service. One thing
they have developed I find unique and very usefull is their color
guide for ordering stones. It’s great for matching stones for
replacement, or to make, for instance, earrings to match a pendant
you have in stock. The literature is nicely done, looks impressive
when you take it out into the showroom (triple-key pricings). Here
is their address:

Spectral Gems, Inc. 4253 Coolidge Hwy. Royal Oak, MI 48073 toll-free
number - 800-637-4367 toll-free fax - 888-637-4367.

Thank you,
David L. Huffman