Cornflake pearls?

Hello All,

I have been searching for a new type of pearl - I believe it would
fall into the category of Baroque fresh water pearls. They are
flat/thin, round/coin shaped but irregular. The strands were sold
to me and called “cornflake pearls”.

I am desparately trying to find more of these…anyone know a pearl
distributor that may carry something like this?

Thanks in advance.

Here are two places that have these pearls: Taj Company in New York 1
800 325-0825 and Shogun Pearls in Chicago 800-458-8004 very
beautiful pearls. good luck.

Hi Laurice -

I have found a wide variety of pearl shapes at AZ Gems in Redlands.
They also have a Web site, but what it shows is a fraction of what
they have:

They are real nice folks so if you don’t see what you want on their
Web site, they would probably be very happy to talk to you on the
phone and see what they could do to help.




I saw some at a show a couple of weekends ago. Earthstone (the NYC
version) had them; Majestic Pearl (888-279-3398) may also.


I have bought this type of CFW Pearl (their selection of CFW Pearls
is well worth looking at) from Pacific Pearls in Mill Valley
California. Their # is 415.383.3978. I have been very happy this
the color, luster, quality…in general and price. Karran


you might try, but their prices are high and
they are a retail shop, not a distributor. having said that, they
always have a varied selection of pearls and if you are truly
desperate, you may not care about the price.