Cordless Drill - Driver Question

Hi Karen,

 I recently got a new tent and the manufacturer recommends
 securing it to asphalt by the "drilling really big screws
 into the ground with a power driver "  method. Sometimes you
 can do it....sometimes you can't. I was wondering what kind of
 power you would have to have in your drill to do something
 like that?

If it were me I’d go with the 14.4V (I used a 9.6V for 4 yrs,
then got a 14.4V; all the difference in the world).

You didn’t define ‘big’. I’d guess you’re talking about a 1/2"
x 10" or longer lag screw or some other type screw with a very
coarse fast thread.

If you find yourself on a black top parking lot or really hard
ground, you might have trouble even with a 14.4V unit unless you
drill a pilot hole. To drill a pilot hole use a masonry bit
about 1/2 the diameter & 3/4 the length of the screw you’ll be
using. That will make the screw go in lots easier & won’t
affect it’s holding power.