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Copyright mark on piece

We’re working on a piece of jewelry that will be mass-produced, and
we want to take reasonable steps to protect it from being copied.

We’ll be doing the regular things, as far as stating that the design
is copyrighted, on all of the printed collateral and such. But we’re
also considering including a manufacturer’s mark and the copyright
symbol on the piece itself.

This will be a bit of a challenge, due to size and aesthetic
considerations. Does anyone have any feedback on whether this is
worth doing, or how common it is?

Plan it safe on all bases and get a copy-rite lawyer. It only takes a
very small change to convince a jury that theirs is not the same,
been there done that.

Stephen in SA, TX


I have has about 21 copyrights since 1971. I Put my copyright
names,date and Circle CO If you don’t do this it will be easier to
copy your work but not fool proof.

When you get a copyright on a sculptor are required to send two
copies of the item just like it is first cast. What I mean is don’t
polish the item and leave the mold marks on the item.

On my miniatures I have always sent two copies in sterling silver to
the Patent office.

Hope this will help you.
Yours Billy SO. Bates

Dear Andy,

I have a copyright symbol stamp and use it, not that it has ever
really helped. I have had pieces purchased and returned with molding
material still evident under the stones.

That was during my tenure with Nordstrom and they were more concerned
with good customer service than with my intellectual property rights
as a designer.

Your copyright is only as good as your resolve to pursue all
transgressors and your pockets deep enough to sue.

Nanz Aalund
Associate Editor / Art Jewelry magazine
21027 Crossroads Circle / Waukesha WI 53187-1612
262.796.8776 ext.228

Hi Billy,

I’m doing a test to see how the tiny copyright and TM hold up… but
if I had to also include the year that would really mess things up.
Do you think the year needs to be there too?

Putting the copyright mark on the piece is the easy part. Do it! I
even put my copyright mark on my rubber molds. The hard part is
dealing with the copy-cat if that happens. But the hard part will be
a little easier if you post copyright notice well at the beginning.

Hi all,

I put my company symbol on the product. Most of the time it is
already built into a mold.

The symbol is almost 0.25 mm deep which is hard to remove without
changing the structure of a piece.

Hope this helps,
Omega Designs